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Warm Publish as needed with Pre-Cuts

If you have a warm press and also are thinking of entering the game of individualizing group attires, Pre-Cuts provide the most economical means to embellish sporting activities attires.

One more advantage of having Pre-Cut Letters and also Numbers in supply? They’re ideal for the customer that simply entered your store desiring something customized instantly. There are no screens to shed or clean, no waste from a vinyl cutter. Merely select it, put it, and also press it!

Pre-Cuts are an inexpensive way to offer your clients STAHLS’ high quality warm transfer plastic. Not only are Pre-Cuts offered on the planet’s # 1 selection in athletic HTV product, CAD-CUT ® Thermo-FILM ® Warm Transfer Vinyl, they’re available in special-effect finishes such as Glitter Flake ™, Metallic, as well as Reflective II. Simply think, you can include an up-charge to a currently embellished spirit wear product by having Pre-Cuts on hand prepared to individualize on the fly.

Whether your customer is searching for a name, initials, or graduation year, Pre-Cut Letter and also Number packages are the perfect means to be able to satisfy their order on-demand. Kits include an assortment of all letters in the alphabet (or of each number), as well as can be arranged in a storage space box (marketed independently). If you find on your own lacking any particular letter or number, private packs can be ordered to help renew your supply. It couldn’t be easier or easier.

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