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Personalize Face Masks with Just a Warmth Press

Expand more revenues with add-on sales of custom-made face masks

Individualize your face mask making use of Cad-Cut Radiance Flake for a specialized surface

Worldwide, face masks are the brand-new regular. If you’re already warm pressing custom apparel for consumers, think about face masks as another way to add-on more revenues as well as create brand recognition. Establish on your own in addition to conventional disposable face masks. Produce effectively enhanced face masks that are risk-free as well as recyclable to put on.

Below are some pointers to think about when producing custom face masks.

Tip # 1 The Heat Press products as well as transfers being utilized are vital

The last point you want to do during a pandemic is use a material that is hazardous to inhale. STAHLS’ has you covered. We offer a variety of HTV that are CPSIA certified to make certain the safety of our consumers.

Tip # 2 Personalized Face Masks result in unlimited possibilities

The skies is the limit! STAHLS’ uses a great deal of HTV materials that can be layered or used as multimedias. Additionally, CAD-PRINTZ ® Full-Color Logos is a wonderful service to add a tailored logo to a mask. For huge quantity work, we suggest utilizing screen printed transfers from Transfer Express ®.

Pointer # 3 Do not forget to utilize the appropriate Warmth Press devices

For customized face masks, make certain to use a Warmth Press Cushion. Considering that face masks have great deals of seams, the pillow will ensure that the joints can sink into the cushion while they’re being warmth applied. By doing this, you will certainly also have regular pressure as well as ensure that the materials can not raise or peel off your face mask.

Suggestion # 4 Laundering facilitated

Lastly, having a recyclable face mask that is simple to launder and also better for the setting is a win. STAHLS’ HTV materials are all advised to be laundered in a normal laundry cycle so you can enjoy your mask for 50 laundries without a fear.

View and also see how it’s done here:

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