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New Threadless challenge: Avant Garde prints

Avant Garde prints for Threadless challenge
It’s time to let your creativity loose as well as step into your mixed media lab to produce the most amazing avant-garde influenced style for this next Threadless challenge.
Now’s the time to strike everyone’s mind, since there are (almost) no boundaries. You should have had a moment when there was no client, no contest as well as you just kind of doodled some random things. Your computer should be scattered with these type of drafts. So, dig them up as well as work around them. Those are the honest, many authentic style that you can utilize for this challenge.
The time frame is November 13–December 4, 2015 , so lots of material has already been submitted. But, the very best method to have something truly great is to prevent comparisons. get into yor mad scientist mood as well as opt for it.
You might win $1,000 money or $500 Threadless gift code. Plus, anybody who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will get as much as $7 on each tshirt of their style offered on!

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