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High quality Typographic prints and Posters

The Watermelon factory : Typographic Prints&Posters
The Watermelon Factory  is rather new in this industry but they promise to impress. ”Freshly squeezed art for everyone” is part of their logo  which means they produce almost every week new high quality typographic prints ,posters and sketches. ranging from motivational prints&posters to monochromatic work , that timeless Black and White look , you’ll find on their website all you need for your home or office.

Have you had a bad day at work or perhaps your children have annoyed you this morning at breakfast? Don’t worry, The Watermelon factory has a motivational quote printed ,ready to be shipped at your address. Are you a fan of ”Keep Calm saga”? then ,once again The Watermelon factory can help you find the perfect ”Keep Calm” situation for you.  Their motto is similar to the fashion industry : ”Less is more” and it emphasizes their entire work.  Each poster and print is available in different colors and sizes as their aim is to please each and every customer. because they are honest and aboveboard they also have a safety policy, so they guarantee you that your product will arrive safely at its destination.
If these reasons haven’t convinced you to hang their art on your wall , check out their discounts :
-BUY 2, get 1 FREE
-BUY 4, get 2 FREE
-BUY 6, get 3 FREE
-BUY 8, get 4 FREE
-BUY 10, get 5 FREE
Note : free items must be of equal or smaller size.

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