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exactly how to tell wheter a pattern is going to last or to be outdated?

Posted by Aloïs Guinut on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 · 35 Comments 

Nowadays, I’d state that fashion world is evolving in to different directions

– The industry, replacing one pattern by one more at a very quick pace. as well as those who subscribe to this system, replacing their own clothes at an similarly quick pace.

– people who recognize that this system is not viable and try to have a much more accountable clothes consumption. as well as brands who aim to produce pieces that are meant to last.

Since fashion became an industry, the replacement of trends keeps going faster. very first there where only two collections a year: one for each season. Today we are talking minimum four collections a year: pre-fall, cruise, capsule… almost impossible to follow. It feels like fashion week is every week!

Not to mention the quick fashion retailers which inject new stuff in their shops every week…

As a result trends have an accelerated turnover.

Therefore, fashion designers have to come out with fashion items that stand out in order to be noticed.

No matter if really elegant or not.

That’s how, each year, I have the feeling “street” style is getting much more as well as much more ridiculous.

Most bloggers an fashion editors have no self-reliance anymore. They are offered the pieces of the season. as well as wear them.

Do not get me wrong. I believe those ladies (and guys) are genuinly pleased about their presents as well as wear it since they delight in it as well as like it.

The reason why they like it may not be about esthetics though. It would much more associate to belonging to a group of pleased fews. A kind of fashion aristocracy. Meaning: “I got the shoes as a present, for that reason I am somebody essential in fashion world. ”

And the crazy thing is that after seeing those crazy stuff, routine fashionista will really begin to crave for those stuffs.

This publish was inspired to me by two things:

– clients of mine asking me if stuff where going to be outdated next year or if they would be able to wear them up until they die (the clothes not them, you silly)

– this publish on guy repeller. I kind of believe the woman is crazy. really craziness is kind of her trademark. I even believe she exagerates her crazyness as a brand statement. Anyway. She’s fun indeed. however she is a true pattern junkie. completely deconnected from genuine life people. as well as what looks crazy to me is that there are others like her out there. Loads of. just check her comments. What likewise surprises me is that she positions herself as a rebel to the established “good taste” – which would be to look “man appealing”. however dressing as a “man repeller” the method she does it is really committing to other rules. Those of fashion industry. Not sure which is best.

The guy repeller

So in the above stated post, she shows that she (and I believe she is a extremely clever woman indeed), is completely conscious of the truth that complying with a pattern means trying to “fit in” this fashion aristocracy.

But she likewise says that she does own the shoes. Those Gucci fur loafers. as well as that this is an enlighten option of her. as well as not just her being a “fashion victim”.

Not only are they ugly, they kill infant kangaroos.

Ok. fine with me! however my concern is “for exactly how long are you going to be in love with those shoes you just bought (maybe not, well that’s not the point)?A week? THE fashion week. then what? Walking in them will rapidly appear as overseen as well as they will just be a waste of money however likewise a waste of materials. Made of animals. as well as chemicals.

I am no extremist of “being responsible”. I still work in the fashion industry. Still purchase leather. however when I do. I want to make sure I am going to wear the thing. up until it dies. At least I try.

And I would like my clients as well as readers to be able to do the same.

So right here are a few tricks to assist you tell if an product is going to look ridiculous before it really gets be worn a lot.

1. Is this an atemporal?

Atemporals have easy line, cuts, good fabrics as well as colors.

No superfluous details. It feels like they have always been around.

They are keepers.

If the items stands out due to shape, print, fabric: a mix of all, then you ought to question if it will get outfashioned soon or if it won’t.

Eleonore Bridge in an atemporal breton top

2. Can you tell just by its look when the product was released?

Fur Gucci loafers? Spotted!

Valentino studded heels? Last season.

Victorian blouse? Indeed.

Flare pants? Not so sure.

If your response is yes, refer to question 7.

3. Have you seen this specific product all over the location as well as noticed it?

Let’s say… Stan smith?

I believe they really are an atemporal.

But the truth that they are essentially everywhere make them belong to a special timeframe.

Therefore they may appear as outdated even though they look like an atemporal.

4. Is it somehow ridiculous?

Gucci fur loafers again? Kind of, admit it.

Overfringed cropped flare jeans? Probably.

Pharell’s hat? indeed sir. even if Pharell.

The ridiculousness of an product may be hidden by a fashionable veil, however be sure you’ll never attempt wear it when the veil will be fallen.

So that I suggest you pass.

5. Is it somehow ugly?

Kind of same as above actually. Did not believe about this before composing the bullets.

Ugly is one of the possible reason for ridiculous.

If the reason is not point 6.

6. Does it flatter the silhouette? (at least some silhouettes)

Do you really look great (I imply truly good) in culottes? Yes? You like them? then go for them girl.

But if you like them BECAUSE they are fashionable (veil on your eyes hiding you the horrible reality of you looking like you have a flat as well as big bottom with thick short legs) then fail to remember about them. next year the veil will autumn as well as you’ll toss them away. Or will keep them into your closet forever, taking space storage.

This point is really the trickiest. My advice? Either you hire a personal shopper who is right here to tell you the reality (in a kind method I swear), or you go shop with an truthful buddy (lucky you) or a client sweetheart (he may not be the most fashion ahead advisor however knows for sure whether your butt looks great or not).

On this extremely last point.  I have to state I choose being guy appealing. most likely my celibacy speaking. much more seriously, I like to be “me appealing”. implying I like to discover myself appealing in the mirror. as well as appealing will always win over fashionable as far as I am concerned. I apply the exact same principle when it comes to my clients.

7. Have you seen this product or something similar in the past?

The truth that something is making a come-back is proof that is somehow looks cool.

Flare jeans? Yes! Ok then.

Victorian blouses? Seen that long ago. Go for it.

Gold as well as animal printed loafers? Not exactly however in other colors yes! You get them.

Wax printed trench? Trench I saw. Wax I saw. Looking great together. If you like, then buy.

Gucci half cut furry loafers? No. Never seen that UFO (unidentified fashion object) before.

8. Do you picture yourself wearing this product in… state 3 years?

Gucci fur loafers? Ah ah ah (hope my fashion forecasting sense is functioning because I am engraving my prediction into the internet’s stone.)

But flare jeans, victorian blouses, funky loafers as well as wax trench, hell yeah!

9. Does this product come from a quick fashion brand?

Great print, fantastic price. Where is the problem?

First quick fashion is not truly a realistic method of consuming fashion.

Second, ethical considerations set aside: you may discover thousand ladies wearing the precise exact same print as you do as well as regret you bought it.

I experienced it with a three years old Zara scarf. Overdosed from it.

Still would love it otherwise.

Conclusion: Zara mass production is the reason I stopped wearing it.

10. Does this product get a great deal of media coverage?

Editorials, streetstyle, blogs, etc.

Same as the above. You may get bored of it quickly.

Simple math: the much more you wear an item, the less appealing it becomes to you (most of times).

Seing the product all over feels like you worn it a hundreds time already. even if you just bought it.

And you? Do you care about exactly how your clothes will age when you get them? 

NB: this is not a pamphlet against fun pieces. I like fun pieces. however good fun pieces only

PS: even much more “reasonable” bloggers like Garance Doré (and team), have kind of lost track about what is realistic street style. 

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