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Olive Drab simplicity 5723

I have a couple much more simplicity 5723 exemplars to post — here’s one, in a dim and fuzzy photo:

The pockets on this one are lined in camouflage:

Ignore the unclipped threads, if you please. They’re gone now …

That’s much more what the color looks like — it’s green denim from my trusty friends at FabricMart Fabrics.

I’ve been wearing this one with a bright orange sweater and belt — that’s my idea of fun. This dress in denim is a dream to wear, very comfortable yet stiff enough to hold its shape. I have some maroon denim that will soon find an incarnation in this pattern, and I’m really, really toying with the idea of a white denim dress. I don’t think I’ve had an all-white dress because high school graduation. I’m completely sure that after ten minutes on my person, it would no longer be an all-white dress, yet still I persist in this fantasy of a white denim dress. Talk me out of it?

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