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I bet you believed I was over the Duro, huh?

Well, I understand I haven’t published much about it lately, however I’m still mulling over Duro as well as Duro-ish dresses. I’m on the search for much more fascinating material as well as color combinations … however while I’m looking, you all ought to understand that Hotpatterns has a new killer wrap dress! (Thanks to Jonquil for the link, click on the picture to see the Hotpatterns site.)

It’s for silk (and similar) jerseys, which I’ve never sewed with before … I comprehend silk jersey is a dream to wear, however exactly how is it to sew with? seems as if it would be slippery to me.

Oh, in other Duro news, visitor Lucette has asked that if you’ve made a Duro as well as have pics, you submit them to Flickr (tagged “Duro”) as motivation for others — I believe that’s a excellent idea!

Also, if you’ve ever wished to send me links, etc., however don’t want to email me, feel totally free to utilize the label “dressaday” on Flickr,, twitter, etc. I’ll set up feeds as well as see whatever you tag. This year is all about moving the non-urgent stuff out of the inbox, as well as into the feedreader where it belongs. (If this paragraph made no sense to you, leave a comment as well as perhaps I’ll try to discuss …)

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