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Ooh! Sneakers!

Are these, or are they not, insufferably adorable? Seriously, these are the cutest things I’ve seen because my child was two.

And I know, I know, I’ve sworn undying devotion to the shoes of Jack Purcell, however a woman can LOOK, can’t she?

I think it’s the incredibly low vamp, which I think always looks feminine as well as dainty. (YES, no matter exactly how huge your feet are. Seriously.) In fact, this reminds me of a holy-grail pair of shoes: the very-low-vamp saddle shoe. There was a woman in my junior high who had a pair, as well as damned if I can keep in mind her name, what she looked like, whether she was even in any type of of my classes … however I keep in mind the low-cut two-tone saddle shoes she had. In detail. It was a sad, unfortunate day when I lastly figured out where she got them (Thom McAn! back when they had standalone stores!) as well as got my folks to take me to the shopping center … only to discover they were sold out of my size.

Anyway, nostalgic digression aside, these are some darn cute sneakers. (Click on the picture if your very first reaction is OMG should have NOW.) as well as if you were one of the folks who emailed me last summer about what sneakers go well with skirts? Here’s the answer. (But, purist that I am … I’d put laces in ’em.)

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