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You all know the hippo effect, don’t you? You have one ceramic hippo on your desk, because you thought it was a bit silly and cute, and then in some kind of group delusion (and over your feeble protests) everyone unexpectedly believes you collect hippos? and you get hippo-related items at every gift-giving occasion for the rest of your life (or until you put a ceramic owl on your mantel …)

Anyway, I think that I have now benefited from the hippo effect, considering that Anna kindly explained to me the eBay auction for a liberty scarf (don’t bother clicking, I bid and won already). On the one hand, I don’t really wear scarves (although I have a Scrabble-print one I’m understandably fond of). printed scarves normally need a ordinary outfit, and you know how lots of of THOSE I have (not many). But, on the other hand: Liberty! Fountain pens! In bright colors!

So maybe I have transitioned from someone who merely sews with liberty fabrics to being someone who collects Liberty-print *things*. (With any luck only flat ones …)

And did I ever tell y’all that my darling spouse got me THESE for Christmas? and that the current specify of “Always wintertime and never Christmas” here in Chicago is pushing back the date when I can start wearing them every day?

Too bad I can’t conceive of an outfit (other than a Halloweeny “Homage to Liberty” costume) that could include BOTH these items. ideas welcome in the comments.

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