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Would you like to see a new dress?

I hope so, since I have one:

This is the bodice from my old good friend simplicity 1577, sans collar — I lastly traced the darn thing off as well as even added an inch to the length. I don’t understand why, however I seem to have much more length from my shoulder-to-waist than previously. (Is that even possible? I believed I was expected to be diminishing with age.) The skirt is from that “W3” pattern from a million years ago.

Here’s the back:

Here’s the sleeve binding (the hem dealing with is the exact same color):

And the zipper, which is 1) awful as well as 2) on the wrong side! I was quite ill with the flu over Thanksgiving however couldn’t deal with the believed of a four-day weekend without any stitching in it … however people, I have to tell you: do NOT operate stitching patterns while under the influence of chilly medicine.

Luckily it doesn’t impact the wearability of the dress, I just have had one or two poor moments where I couldn’t figure out why something was off. possibly I’ll switch up my zipper sides from now on, just to provide myself a bit cognitive agility? (Probably not.)

This material was from Superbuzzy — I purchased it last spring, best as it got a bit as well warm for a deep teal dress. however now the weather condition is perfect, as well as it likewise has a bit bit of a Christmassy feel, I think.

Sorry for the blog hiatus — I still requirement to relocation this blog to a new host, as it’s starting to get so big that my present hold is groaning. however I ought to be able to capture a publish or two in while I’m packing the boxes!

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