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Reaching new Depths

Beth B. sent me this, from SoVintage Patterns. Now, THOSE are pockets, yes?

I’m quite sure that they don’t truly go all the method to the hem, however are, instead, provided a type of apple.jpge-bed treatment. Right? otherwise I see a great deal of things going with the laundry that shouldn’t go with the laundry …

And I don’t understand about you, however I believe those buttons are overkill. giant pockets, center zipper, as well as button trim? sweetheart is trying a bit as well hard. (Plus, I believe she’s only pretending to read. That book is as well far away as well as I have a sneaking suspicion it’s upside-down. It seems strange that all the lines would be right-justified …)

Oh, as well as say thanks to you all SO much for your wonderful response to last week’s charity drive kickoff! We’re already almost halfway to the goal of $1500 for books with Bars … as well as I failed to remember to mention the end date, which, this year, will be Epiphany. (Seemed appropriate, as well as if money’s tight before the holidays, if provides you a bit longer to donate …) A few people have had difficulty with the Network For great widget interface, so I’m going to ask books with Bars if they have alternating avenues … Overseas/UK people *can* utilize the widget (which asks for state/zip code) by putting their equivalent geographic locations/postal codes in those fields, btw. Don’t fail to remember to put “Dress A Day” in the “Dedication” field to ensure that we can track the donations … to donate TODAY, click here. When you get your receipt, ahead it to me, since one lucky donor have a character named after him or her in my forthcoming novel, “The trick Lives of Dresses”!

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