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Repent, Harlequin!

I am unrepentant. Julie sent me this link, I liked it, I gotten it. exactly how frequently do you discover gowns such as this (and in a size to which I will have to do very little alterations, if any)?

Julie would like to see it in clashing plaids, however I’m believing I’ll begin small. perhaps two shades of blue, or red as well as gray together, or different scales of the exact same color gingham, or perhaps gingham as well as stripes together … or maybe, if I am feeling extremely extravagant, the exact same liberty print in two different colorways. like perhaps liberty “Robin”, which is available in a blue as well as likewise this pink:

And, tangentially, is any individual else as fond of Murder need to promote as I am? The scene where Wimsey is dressed as a harlequin at the costume ball? I may have to go re-read that tonight, while I wait on this pattern to find in the mail …

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