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1920s marvel

Isn’t this amazing? (Thanks, Mary Beth!) It’s not for sale, but click on the image to read the story behind its purchase and a long train of admiring comments.

It’s beaded, so I can’t even think of how much it weighs. Or how many hours it took to make … I think I am content to admire it from afar, instead of wanting to wear it (or even have one) myself. everything I’ve ever had that was beaded started shedding beads the moment it crossed my threshold. I obviously have some special bead-loosening power. Don’t worry, I only use it for good, not for evil.

I adore that color (as I think I’ve mentioned before). In fact, today I am wearing not only a teal sweater but teal tights. With an A-line skirt that is a liberty print of orange dots and red stars. (I am demented, yes, I am. thanks for noticing.) but somehow it works … at least, I think it works. I’m still waiting on the independent verification team.

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