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Back to the simplicity 1577

I have started—don’t all act surprised here—making simplicity 1577s again. I basically tried to re-create this dress, sans collar this time, because my previous version had an encounter with a bleach splash in which it came off the decided loser.

This one is in a much heavier, darker denim, which I am kind of enjoying. You might have noticed the last dress was denim, too: I have found that I’m stitching a lot of denim lately, making me look like some kind of absurd June Cleaver-as-barista. but it’s so convenient! denim is my favorite fabric to try a new pattern in, since it comes in all type of weights, and a denim dress is nearly always wearable, and goes with everything.

Here’s a closer look at the bodice:

I lined the pockets with some liberty scraps I had lying around:

Here’s the zipper, with the photo lightened a bit so you can see it:

Oh, I failed to remember to mention that I piped the pockets with self-piping, of course.

And here’s the back: not sure why my dress form looks a bit hunched over here, perhaps it was a cold day?

I made another one of these in this gorgeous black-on-black seersucker; it’s a bit lightweight for winter but … I don’t know what it is about corded and ribbed fabric, but I cannot stay away. I just did a neat of my fabric stock and the amount of seersucker I own for someone who is not a baby in rompers in Nantucket is absurd. plus I have at least three pieces of corded cotton, including one in a bright peony pink that has probably been kicking around my stock for going on two decades.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (What kinds of fabric do you tend to hoard?)

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