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Lustworthy Pockets

A visitor who desires to stay anonymous (doesn’t that noise impressive? like I have my extremely own mark Felt?) sent this in to me … aren’t these pockets incredible? So fun, as well as yet so practical!

The stripes are, of course, marvelous, however I’m truly liking the French’s-mustard yellow with the red gloves. I feel as if that should be some type of strange uniform. The color plan states Ronald McDonald, though, doesn’t it? add some bigger shoes as well as you have the Ronettes, Ronald’s backup singers. I’m conflicted about who plays the drums in Ronald’s backup band: is it the Hamburglar, or is it Grimace?

It’s at Fuzzie Lizzie vintage for only $15 …

And in Heifer worldwide news, inspect out the thermometer! (If you don’t see a thermometer on the right of the page, scrollllllll all the method to the bottom.) Dave at Heifer states I’m the leading blog writer right now in their blogathon, however what that truly means is that YOU are the leading READERS, which ROCKS! say thanks to you all so much! (I believe the prize for being the leading blog writer in the Heifer blogathon is being able to state to the other bloggers: “MY visitors might kick all YOUR readers’ asses,” as well as look smug. So a double say thanks to you!)

And remember, if we hit the target before Christmas (which looks, well, more than likely right now) there will be a trick Lives of gowns drabble (drabble = 100 words) daily between the day we hit the target as well as Christmas …

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