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What is Your favorite drugstore Makeup?

Sure, the big Ulta sale is going on now, and the big Sephora sale is starting next week — but I think it’s a terrific time to have an open thread about your favorite drugstore makeup! Do tell, readers — what do you love?
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For my $.02, I love L’Oreal’s mascara primer — it’s just as good as the others I’ve tried.

I’ve tried a ton of eyeliners, and this NYX is one is among my favorites…

I wanted to try the “use green to decrease redness” suggestion so got this NYX concealer to dab on my nose area — it’s a lot by itself so I only use it if I’m using concealer.

I’m also a big fan of this Maybelline very stay Ink Crayon — I saw someone on TikTok raving about the color “Reach High,” and added it to a Target purchase — it’s a really good “MLBB” shade, and comfortable to wear.

Finally, another newest favorite — I got this wet n Wild highlighter while trying to decide between two shades of the Armani highlighter — I figured if the pink highlighter was good I could keep the budget-friendly pink highlighter as well as the much more typical pearly Armani highlighter. Verdict: It’s not Armani, but it’s really, really good — I take it with me when I travel. (It pairs really well with my NARS the multiple stick.)

Stock photo through Deposit Photos/earlytwenties.

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