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KAM snap Pliers Adapter

A while back I got all ecstatic about KAM snaps as well as gotten a lot of them (quite potentially a lifetime supply) together with the pliers to set up them. I have issues with tendonitis, as well as it turns out that utilizing these pliers is truly unpleasant for me, even for just a few snaps. considering that it doesn’t make sense for me to get an costly snap press for house use, I adapted the pliers to be utilized like a press. I cut up some scrap pieces of wood, then wedged in as well as strapped the pliers down onto a base. It’s not pretty, however it works truly well. I just have to press down on the handle, which is a great deal less effort than squeezing pliers.

KAM snaps Pliers Holder/Adapter

Update: right here are some a lot more details about making the pliers holder. likewise now has a base mean snap pliers offered up for sale if you would like to get one.

None of the pieces of wood requirement to be an precise size. They are set up to in shape the pliers. I don’t understand if there are different versions of the pliers with different dimensions than mine, so be sure to test in shape all of the pieces with your pliers before screwing or gluing anything together. begin with a rectangular wood base (piece A in the photo below) at least 3″ (8 cm) large by at least 10″ (25 cm) long. The larger you make your base, the a lot more steady it will be. The only reason my base is that shape is since I utilized a scrap of wood from an old tiny ironing board.

For the pieces identified C, cut two pieces of wood 4 1/2″ (11.4 cm) or a bit longer. They must be at least an inch large (but can be as large as you want) as well as between 1″ (2.5 cm) as well as 1 1/2″ (3.8 cm) in height. set up them as shown with a space at one end to in shape the base of the pliers.  To assist get an precise placement, glue them in place, as well as then when the glue is dry screw them in location from the bottom.

Now put the pliers in location as well as jam them in securely between the two pieces of wood identified C so you can figure out the place of piece B. piece B must be no taller than 5/8″ (1.5 cm), however the other dimensions can be whatever you want. I don’t believe that semi-circular groove I cut is really needed to hold the pliers in place. It was a pain to cut, so I’d suggest trying a rectangular piece of wood to see if it keeps your pliers steady sufficient before going to the difficulty of cutting that half-circle out. The function of piece B is just to keep the pliers from moving forward. when you have it positioned correctly, screw it down. If you do choose to cut piece B into the shape I used, be sure you are not blocking gain access to to the screw that holds in the die:

Piece D needs to be cut to in shape under the manage of the pliers. glue it in place. Mine kept coming off, so I lastly utilized Gorilla glue (polyurethane glue), as well as it hasn’t moved since!

For the strap, I screwed on a piece of strap from an old vehicle seat. If you want the pliers to be quickly removable, you might make a strap out of Velcro with a D-ring on one end. Or you might make your strap so it snaps in place.

Here is a side view. The hole on the ideal side of piece C serves no function – it was already there in the scrap of wood I used.


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